5 Random Mini Helping Hands - Put color pref in order notes

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Through the wonders of modern science, the Helping Hand has been shrunken! He now stands at 1 3/4 inches....!!! Slightly smaller than your average MUSCLE figure. He is lovingly hand cast in hard resin in a plethora of colors. He is smooth and sexy, a perfect pocket companion who is sure to bring you nothing but smiles. Why 5?!??! Because you need to spread the happiness... give one to a friend, a colleague, a random person. Leave them around randomly to bring smiles to anyone that finds them.

Each set of 5 will come loose in a random assortment of colors, glitters, glows, UV, color change, and so on. If you have a preference in color, please mention it your order notes. I will try my best to give you want you want, but first come, first served.

Brought to you by Illuminatoys, Simian Cheese and Worst Toy Ever Design