Simian Cheese's American Cheese Goblin

$20.00 - $25.00
— Sold out

Goblins? Goblins you say??? This ain't no ordinary Goblin. This is the second cousin of the Cheddar Goblin that you may have seen in Mandy. Or, you may have seen this dude in a McDonald's happy meal... Anyway...

HERE HE IS - THE AMERICAN CHEESE GOBLIN!!! He is made from super jiggly rubber (smooth-on EcoFlex near clear 45) and feels heavy and fleshy, just how you like it. Chonky af and he knows it. He will jiggle as long as you can shake him, don't even try to stop him.

Each comes bagged with a gorgeous gigantic header card.

He is a lovingly hand cast bootleg by yours truly. All art done by the amazing @wtedesign.