Forgelings - Timmit the Blacksmith - Earth Brown

Image of Forgelings - Timmit the Blacksmith - Earth Brown
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Presented exclusively by @theminifiguremilitia, we are proud to present the first offering in an artist spotlight series, with MONSTERFORGE'S FORGELINGS!
Creator/designer @monsterforge in collaboration with MFM castor and line producer @simian_cheese along with MFM graphic designer @worst_toy_ever_design will kick-off the fantasy based mini figure series, Forgelings with Timmit The Blacksmith, dropping tonight (Sunday, December 8th) at 9PM Eastern

Timmit will be offered in high quality hand poured resin in two limited editions, retailing for $20 + shipping.

Don't miss out, and get in on the ground floor with this ongoing collaboration, brought to you exclusively by Monsterforge and Team MFM!

For International shipping please shoot me a DM on IG