Random Metal(lic) HE.-T.


What would happen if E.T. and He-Man had a baby? Probably not this, but it's not likely to happen anyway.

You will get one random Mettalic HE.-T. that will blow your mind. If you can't handle having your mind blown, please don't buy one. I think some of these may even glow with the Power.

These aren't painted, it's a metallic powder that goes into the mold and becomes one with the figure. It's super reflective, hypnotically pleasing and a treat to your senses.

All are bagged and come with an insanely cool diorama - Basically, you unfold and flip the header card and voila' HE.-T. is now way more playable. He's a great desk idol or stocking stuffer. Go nuts.

If you have a preference to specific one, lemme know and I will try to accommodate you. You are awesome.