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Simian Cheese, Worst Toy Ever Design and Illuminatoys,proudly introduce Monstro - The Hideous Alien. Monstro is a tribute to the toys of yesteryear that you might find in any gas station along that highway in the middle of nowhere. You know the one. Remember?

This little rubbery guy is cat in semi-rigid resin and stands just under 3 inches tall. He's a perfect pocket pal and will always have a hand in the air like he just don't care. Each Monstro comes bagged with an amazing header card by the one and only @worsttoyeverdesign. Everything was made by hand in-house by the head Simian at large with the bootleg source from the one and only Cheap Toy Man.

Put your color preference in the order notes and I will do my best to get you want you want. First come, first serve.