Mork & Monkey

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Again, I just don't know. This started as a paint-a-figure kit that I picked up at a flea market. When I sat down to mold it, the Mindy sculpt was so bad that she looked like a monkey... and this was born. The original Mindy head has been removed and replaced with a 3d printed head that I sculpted hair on. This was literally one of the funnest project I have ever worked on.

The card art... I mean... just... My partner in crime @worsttoyecverdesign is a genius. I can bring him a stupid idea like this and bam! A masterpiece.

Each Mork and Monkey is hand cast in opaque Ork red and stand at just about 4 inches tall - though I doubt you'll want to open this one. The card back is just amazing as the front.