Rata de Arbol Satanica (Satanic Tree Rat) - Others

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This Fall, a simple minded squirrel plunged his stupid little hands deep into the Earth, looking for a place to stash his acorn. Unbeknownst to him, he was digging into a vortex of space, time and faith. His grubby little nails levered into a crack that was the only seal between this world and the one below. Primordial ooze flowed, demons spewed from the strata like mint mentos in a warm bottle of coke. The poor little bugger (yes, now I feel sorry for him) struggled to hang on to his acorn and the very fabric of reality as Beelzebub himself emerged from the inter-dimensional fracture. Having suffered millennia of thirst, the lord of darkness embraced our little furry protagonist as a herald sent forth to welcome the king. Within seconds they were one. Flesh, fur and pure visceral evil became one. This is the story of La Rata de Arbol Satanica... Take heed, keep your eyes open and one on the ground for He is now everywhere....

Ok, not really. I just found this really weird squirrel head laying around and fell in love with it. I knew it could be better, so here it is. Squirrels are weird as are most furry things that run around in the grass and eat nuts (myself included).

I hope that you enjoy these. They are life size. They are all hand cast in hard resin. Most have glow in the dark eyes. Some glow all over. Some don't glow at all. Some are mounted. Some are two headed. I made the graphics myself, that's why it looks like I made it myself.

That is all. Enjoy the show.