Simian Cheese's Nugget Buddies

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Have you ever wanted to snuggle with your McNuggets and just found it not so satisfying? Don't worry, you aren't weird, you aren't alone. Well, maybe you are all of that, but anyway... The little Nugget Buddies need homes. They are doing the best that they can, but they need love and lots of it. They are super easy to take care of, but the basic cute furry monster rules apply: 1) Don't get wet 2) Don't expose to bright lights 3) Don't feed after midnight. They aren't much trouble unless you break any one of those rules... then you're f*cked.

These are all very hand made by very talented people in my town. No factories, no sweatshops, no child labor. Actually, I did put my kids to work on these, so there.

They are roughly twice the size of a McNugget. They are made of super soft, super elegant furry goodness and stuffed with super luxurious, silky stuffing.

Each is very hand made and no two will ever be alike. You can push the bottoms in (oh baby) and make them stand, which is awesome.

You should really adopt two, maybe they're unrelated, will fall in love any make baby Nugget buddies - wouldn't that be something? Let's just hope that they are truly unrelated... which is unlikely.

**** International folks, shoot me a DM @simian_cheese on IM and we can figure out shipping. ****

The packaging is designed by my counterpart in crime @wtedesign