Simian Cheese's Paint by Nuggets: Hopalong Nuggity

— Coming soon

Why did I do this? Hmmmm that's a very good question... I thought it was a good idea... is that enough? haha I've always liked paint by numbers by always hated the content. Kittens, puppies, landscapes... I'm not hating on kittens, puppies nor landscapes, I just don't want to paint them.

So to make a long story longer, I made these.

They're totally hand made and I have never done anything like this before. The 'canvas' is a museum quality 100% acid-free 246lb paper. Wha huh? That means that it is really good quality and cost me a pretty penny. I mixed the paint colors (15 of them) as best as I could, if they're not good enough, please mix your own - switch color palettes, flock it, add some neon, do what you do.

They come with a little brush and a bigger brush. They should be good enough. If not, you know the drill....

1 of 9.25 inch X 12 inch premium art board
1 color printout of how good it could be
1 very legible color key thing so that you can read all of the teeny numbers
1 kind small brush
1 slightly larger brush
15 pots of paint that kinda match the palette see in the printout
1 pot of pearly shite paint, go nuts
1 pot of black pain. Just because.

**** International folks, shoot me a DM @simian_cheese on IM and we can figure out shipping. ****

I also did a Frankenstein one but am not going to fill any more paint pots any time soon. If you're interested, let me know on IG @simian_cheese