The Legend Punch Dispenser

$35.00 - $65.00
— Sold out

Each is a fully functional punch dispenser made in the likeness of The Legend himself @officialgeraldokamura. I carved the crap out of a solid resin head by @mondaytoyclub, gutted a pez for it's functional innards, married the two with apoxy, molded, cast, painted, assembled, whew! Then sculpted a little fist that fits inside the punch dispenser, molded, cast in fabulous colors (some bloody flesh, some glow). Each will come with six or so of fists and three packs of delicious pez candy. Don't eat the fists unless you like broken teeth. Then blisters... Cleaning blisters, printing and cutting stickers, cutting thick ass board, sticking stickers to said board, punching board and then finally taping the blister down and..... done! Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

**** For the first time, I am offering up my prototype/master on this one. It's the actual one that I carved up, combined with Pez parts and then made my mold from. He'll come carded as well, but he's special because he's one of one. Oh, and he'll come with my original 'sculpt' for the fist - that's one of one too ;) ***

Once again thanks to @wtedesign for the awesome card art, I can't do it without him.