The Man of Many Weapons

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Simian Cheese is proud to bring you The Man of Many Weapons! For almost 70 years, Gerald Okamura has been kicking ass. He has spent his life creating and mastering weaponry of every kind imaginable. With 39 feature films under his belt and still crushing heads today he is truly LEGEND.

This amazing homage to Gerald is beautifully sculpted by @therojotoy and cast by myself. He comes with six interchangeable arms which each carry a unique death machine. The man himself is cast in semi-rigid urethane rubber (task-16) and the arms as cast in rigid resin (325). The arms plug into four holes in the Masters back and reach around to kick-ass. It is a bit of a balancing act to get him to stand with the assortment of arms, but it's kinda fun.

The amazing card art by @worsttoyeverdesign doubles as a weapons rack to hold the unused weaponry.

The Man stands at 2 inches tall.